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  • You live on the ground floor. You live in an apartment. You reside over your business.
  • You have been a victim of burglary or you fear being a victim of burglary.
  • Given the number of flight ever greater sense of insecurity prevails throughout the territory.
  • Abcampower is a simple and inexpensive solution for your safety.
  • Abcampower is software that allows you to use a webcam as a surveillance and early warning.
  • It uses modern technology monitoring: the photo detection and ftp.
  • This software is able to detect movement in the field of view of your webcam then notify you with an audible alarm.
  • You can view the photos that were taken during the detected movements to your personal page or a photo site (holiday with FTP).
  • You can view the photos in a library that were taken during the detected movements.
  • With the Pro version so you can be notified when a possible burglary or during any intrusion into your business or home.
  • You can also use Abcampower to know what happens to you when you're not.
  • It is possible to define in advance the size of the pictures (jpeg or bmp).
  • For ftp simply fill the ftp tab with settings that you have been given by your ISP or FTP site.
  • With Abcampower find serenity.
  • * A webcam is required and a Broadband Internet connection for FTP protocol.
 A webcam is needed 
8 € instead of 19 €





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