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  • In case you have the error: error loadind midas.dll. He must go to the directory the application and then copy the file midas.dll in the windows/system32 directory then go on start program accessories command prompt (on back) then type regsvr32.exe c: / WINDOWS/system32/midas.dll. Midas.dll and will be recorded in the registry .
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Abcam Power

  • What language is the installation?
  • The software installation is done by Abcam Power English, French, Italian, Spanish or German . It is you who choose.
  • Can I install on a laptop with a webcam?
  • Yes of course. All you need is a webcam.
  • Photo mode detection are photos even when there person in the frame?
  • is the lighting. Simply turn the webcam in a location where the brightness is stable. AB
  • New Web

    How to launch AB
  • New Web?
  • Normally it launches at startup if at you left the installation check run AB New Web.
  • Otherwise just run from the bar tasks or to go into the directory and then New Web AB to run it.
  • Then to open the software must be position on the icon New Web AB (blue bottom right) and press the right click and then choose configure.
  • What is history?
  • history lets you know the activity the user.
  • I entered as a site to be banned and nothing happens
  • I suggest you rather go in this example site or simply to banish banish this website.
  • I entered as a program block programmeàbloquer and nothing happens
  • I suggest you rather go in this example programmeàbloquer.exe (you must put the extension when there is one) just to block this program. Scans
  • Absolute Process

  • How to start the program
  • Simply launch them from the bar tasks or go to the directory of Absolute Scans Process and then run it.
  • Then to open the software must be Absolutescanneprocess position on the icon (red and white on the lower right) and press the click right and then choose Absolutescanneprocess.
  • You can run this program if you go to start then if you configure Choose start at boot.
  • Is it possible to sort the events
  • You can sort the order évenments Chronological by clicking on date.





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